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Gutter Service

Phil Howard Construction LLC can take care of your gutter needs. Deteriorated gutters can actually cause significant damage to your property. When gutters fill with debris, water can pool in the gutter itself, causing the surrounding wood fascia, rafter tails, and soffits, to begin rotting and breaking down. If this process goes too far, water will start to flow over the sides of the gutters, drenching the side of your home and potentially causing rot in porous areas of the wall. Perhaps most importantly, non-working gutters do little to direct the flow of water away from the house and its foundation. If water gathers and eventually spills over the sides of your gutters, it won't be directed away from the foundation—it will simply remain there, causing structural damage over time and increased below-grade moisture under your house.

We specialize in "continuous-gutter" installation which results in fewer joints and cleaner lines, and you also get your choice of pre-painted colors.